Thanks to the joint cooperation of all partners, during its almost four year long duration TACTIC project has managed to produce several tangible outcomes which were and are of great use to all the partners involved, as well as a potential public. See the list of downloadable material below:

List of project outcomes:

TACTIC Guidelines

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WP1 Report (current version)

We are pleased to announce that the Work Package 1, processed by Natalia Polakova, project and research assistant at the Centre for International Cooperation, Masaryk University, has been published. Attached is the handbook consisting of two documents, firstly the TACTIC Survey Report, and secondly the Guidelines for Management of HEIs.

The purpose of the handbook is to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of the general governance and management procedures followed by HEIs in Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam. The handbook proposes recommendations and guidelines drawn from the best practices in higher education in Europe to be implemented in HEIs in the respective countries.

We would also like to thank all TACTIC partners for taking part in the survey and helping with data collection!

Download the documents:


WP1 Report (older version)

We are delighted to bring the first results and processed data of the TACTIC research and involved HEIs from Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Europe.

Thank to all TACTIC partners for taking part and helping to collect the data!

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Guide to Project Financial Management

Summarized instructions regarding real and unit costs, as taken from the official project guidelines.

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